Rob Shanahan Photography - About rob

Rob Shanahan is one of the world’s most published photographers in the music industry today. His photos have appeared in numerous ad campaigns, on record and DVD covers, in books, and magazines around the globe.

Rob is Ringo Starr’s personal photographer and has been working with him since 2001. He has photographed and designed covers for Ringo’s records; “Postcards from Paradise” released in 2015, “Y-Not”, “Ringo 2012”, DVDs and tour books. He also photographed milestone appearances of Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney for The Beatles LOVE show in Las Vegas, Beatles Rock Band release and the Beatles 50th Anniversary celebrations.

“Volume 1”, his first published collection of music photographs, was released in January of 2012. With the foreword by Ringo Starr, the book contains quotes from rockers such as drummer Neil Peart, Edgar Winter, Billy Squier, Tommy Lee and Joe Walsh.

Rob got his first drum kit when he was 10 and his first camera when he was 13 and continues to make his dream of doing both professionally come true. He has been performing with the “Hollywood Stones”, the Rolling Stones tribute band since 1992. His sensitivities as a musician has made him the first call photographer for many of the world’s top artists. He lives in Venice, California with his wife and daughter.

Rob Shanahan Drummer for the Hollywood Stones
Drummer for The Hollywood Stones

Rob has had the role of “Harley Watts” with the #1 Rolling Stones tribute band in America since 1993. His spot on groove and attention to recreating the look and sound of Charlie Watts has earned him accolades in the music and drumming community.

Ringo Rob Shanahan Charlie Watts Jim Keltner
Ringo, Rob, Charlie Watts, Jim Keltner

Working with his childhood music idols is a dream come true. “I get musicians, and they trust me. I know what works during a shoot and can get there quickly”.

Rob Shanahan shooting Aerosmith
Shooting Aerosmith

“Meeting the band did not disappoint, they were everything I hoped they would be and I’m still blown away by their live performance!”